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31 OCT 17

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JAN 18


Orientation for prospective students

JAN 17


Orientation for prospective parents

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Tools For Applicants

Application Status

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the Admissions Team and your status will be communicated to you through email. 


This process takes up to 10 working days on average. However, it may take longer when the number of applications received is significantly high.


If you have submitted your application and have not received and email with your status, this may be because your application is still in the review process. If it has been over 2 weeks and your status has not been made available, it may be because we have not received your application. If you find yourself in this situation, please reach out to us on the Admissions Hotline.

Application Status Key

Please refer to the key given below to familiarise yourself with what each status means: 

Pre-interview processing



Post-interview processing












Application has been received and is being reviewed


Content shared in the application and interview is being verified


Applicant will be scheduled for an interview


Final GCE results will be required for further evaluation of the application


This concludes the admissions process. An offer for admission will not be extended


Application has been put on hold because it was incomplete. Application will only be reviewed once all required information has been provided

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PPO is an opportunity for parents of prospective students to determine whether Nixor College is the right fit for their child. Additional details of the date of this event will be updated soon.

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Click on the image above  to view the Student Handbook for the Main Campus.

Click on the image above to view the Student Handbook for the Foundation Campus.

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