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Fast Facts (2013 - 2014)



 Hrs. of community service 



15 m(PKR)

Contributed to charity




 Students involved in ECA




 Hrs spent on ECA/student/week



Extra-curricular Activities

For decades, we have asked our youth to commit entirely and exclusively to chasing letter grades without providing the opportunity to discover what they are passionate about or the necessary focus on developing skills that enable them to apply their academic knowledge.  The ECA program  is a key part of the education process at Nixor College that is essential to accomplish its mission – Every year, introduce hundreds of leaders into the Pakistani society, ready, willing and able to make a huge positive impact on the lives they touch.



The ECA involvement of a student at Nixor is high relative to other institutions but is never undertaken at the expense of academics. Student Affairs Coordinators screen all students involved in ECA. Students who demonstrate lack of effort and inconsistent participation in class are restricted from ECA.


Structured extracurricular activities at Nixor College include:


Nixor Government, Nixor Corporate, Teaching, Debate, Sports and Volunteer Community Service.


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ECA At Nixor

Those who are unfamiliar with the Nixor program often call it a 'party'. Watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, comment on the ECA program at Nixor College.

Nixor Corporate

What is Nixor Corporate all about? Watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, shed some light on that.

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