Fast Facts (Class of 2020)


 Number of applications received



 Number interviews conducted



 Number of AS students





Fee Structure

The fee structure for the academic year 2020 - 2021 is given below:

Admission Fee


Security Deposit


Tuition Fee (Non-Science)


Tuition Fee (Hybrid)


Tuition Fee (Science)




Rs. 160, 000


Rs. 60, 000


Rs. 43, 168/month


Rs. 46, 351/month


Rs. 52, 717/month




Note: These figures are adjusted each year by 5% to account for inflation and value-adding features. The fee structure for the Class of 2023 will become available soon.

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Financial awards at Nixor

Financial awards may be offered by Nixor College to select students based on academic merit, leadership, sports and/or financial need. Watch the video to learn more.

Click on the image to view the requirements for scholarships offered for academic merit.

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Financial Awards Template