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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Nixor consider accepting a student who wants to transfer from an A Level school after the AS year?

Yes.  Nixor will, in some cases, accomodate a candidate who wants to transfer schools in the midst of their A Levels. Academic performance in AS as well as a fit with Nixor College’s vision and values will be the main criteria for the decision. 


The admission requirements are as follows:

  • A completed application form submitted online

  • O Level, AS Level and Mock examination grades (as required in the online application)


Many of the A Level classes will be filled by students who are currently enrolled.  If, however, there is space remaining in a class, those spots will be available for transfer candidates.

What is the minimum grade requirement for admissions at Nixor?

Even though grades are critical in Nixor’s evaluation process, strong emphasis is placed on the person’s character and extracurricular involvement. Although Nixor does not have a minimum grade requirement we do not compromise on character.

Having said that, Nixor does have minimum grade requirements for each A Level subject. Please click here for the minimum grades required for each A Level subject.

It seems that it is very easy to get admission at Nixor College. Is that true?

Nixor College follows a very rigorous admission process. Academics is not the only determining factor in Nixor’s admission process. While to some, the selection of some candidates may have been a surprise due to their academic records, these candidates were offered admission based on their ability to contribute to the Nixor community and a fit with the Nixor vision. Last year we received over 2200 applications, made 800 offers and enrolled 600 students, most of whom had offers from other top tier schools.

Why are students prohibited from taking tuitions at Nixor?

It is conceivable that a student may need additional help to cope with the rigors of the A level curriculum. But this should only be done after the student has demonstrated full commitment to the academic requirements of the subject and utilized all the resources provided by Nixor College to their maximum potential. These resources include: extra help and support from the respective teachers and learning support from formal tutorial sessions accessible throughout the week.

Nixor is too new. Why should I come to Nixor when there are other A level schools that have been there for a while?

Yes, Nixor is a relatively new school but with a very experienced faculty.

Dean’s response: “If someone asked me to choose between 100 years of history and 100 years of future, at any time of the day I will choose the future and build the history. Nixor is unencumbered by the baggage of history. Yes traditions have their place but innovation is the lifeblood of success”.

Why is it important to come to the PSO event? Why can’t we just visit the website?

The event will give you a chance to interact with teachers, students and administrators and clarify any ambiguities by asking questions. This sort of engagement will not be possible through a website alone

Why should I come to Nixor when my school already offers an A level program?

All students have a right to make an informed decision. It is our responsibility to help students make the best decision after having considered all their options. If after having understood what Nixor has to offer and what we are looking for in successful candidates, you feel that your current school is the best fit – that’s where you should go.

Why is Nixor so keen to make itself visible?

Community is very important to us. We use ILAN as an opportunity to reach out to prospective students to take a closer look at them. At the same time, it enables O Level students to ascertain whether Nixor offers what they are seeking in A Level education.

Does the brand name of my A Level college impact admission to a top tier university?

The name of the A Level institution has no bearing on the candidate’s chances of getting admission or financial aid to universities in the US. What matters is the candidate’s accomplishments, both academic and extracurricular and their ability to convey that in their application.There is plenty of research to support this claim. Universities confirm that as long as the A level school offers a globally recognized curriculum like the CIE, the years of existence of the institution make no difference – the brand of the institution makes no difference. One of the officers went so far as to say, “Whether the school is 1 month old or 100 years old – it does not matter”. At Harvard, for instance, home schooled students (i.e. private candidates) are not at a disadvantage relative to those who attended a prestigious private high school. A Level candidates are encouraged to do the due diligence and directly contact their universities of interest. Ask them about the factors that are considered in the assessment of applications to their university. You have an obligation to yourself and to your parents to be a well informed consumer.

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