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Fast Facts (Class of 2015)


Students with 7 or more A*s/As




Students with 3 - 6 A*s/As




Students with 2 or fewer A*s/As




Average class size




Academic rigor is baked into Nixor’s policies from the outset. Nixor College encourages an independent work ethic and by and large prohibits private tuitions.  The onus falls on the student to devote time and energy to self-study, participate fully in class, seek extra help from teachers, teaching assistants and their peers as needed.  Enforcing minimum mandatory attendance requirements and high standards of participation, Nixor encourages and supports students to achieve their personal best.


Nixor College is recognized across the country for providing unparalleled teaching talent. Teachers at Nixor have the flexibility to adopt any teaching approach they are comfortable with - be it a traditional academic teaching style, a technology centric approach or an amalgamation of both. Teachers apply their own proven formulae for successful instruction with full support of and minimal interference from Administrative functions. They are free to set their own pace for their respective classes and set tests independent from others in the same department with full responsibility and accountability for the results. All teachers are evaluated by their students twice every academic year. 

No Tuition Policy

Almost 80% of O Level students in Pakistan avail some form of exam preparation outside of school.  At Nixor, we feel that this limits the student’s intellectual drive as well as hampers the ability to think independently & critically. Hence, tuitions at Nixor are prohibited. This increasingly encourages students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. The focus is on a conceptual & holistic understanding of the subject rather than an exam centered approach. Furthermore, regular feedback is given through graded homework assignments & weekend classes. Students who fail to adhere to Nixor’s no-tuition policy may have to face consequences such as being dropped from the subject in question, being made to register privately for CIE examinations or being asked to withdraw from Nixor College altogether.

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Academics at Nixor

At Nixor, academics have to be at the top of every student's priority list. Watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, talk about the academic program at Nixor College.

Say NO to tuitions

Watch the Director of Academics, Nasir Ghani, share his perspective on tuitions as a teacher and as a parent. 

Subjects Offered




Business Studies



Environmental Management

Further Mathematics






Media Studies





World History

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