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Fast Facts (Class of 2016)


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Interview tips

Online Application

It is strongly recommended for all students interested in applying to scour the website, understand the program and policies and know the vision, mission and core values of the Nixor Community before submitting the application form.


Given below are instructions for completing the application form. Please make sure you read the instructions before starting your application. 

Click below to access the online application form





1. The fields marked with (*) are required information and must be filled in order for you to submit your application.

2. If you wish to save your application and complete it later, click the "Save Answers and Resume Later" button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to access your application whenever you like by logging into your account.

3. Writing an Essay is optional. However, writing an essay does strengthen your application. The Essay reflects your understanding of Nixor College. The admissions committee is not looking for excellence in style and vocabulary but a demonstration and understanding of the Nixor Community and its A Level program.

4. Please make sure you have checked your essay for spelling and grammar in Microsoft Word before copying it to the text box provided in the application form.  

If you have any problems filling out the application, please email us at


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What is Nixor looking for?

Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, comment on how to prepare for an interview.

While grades are a significant factor determining whether a student is a good fit at Nixor College, they are not the only criteria that matter. Along with being a unique A level institution, the Nixor Community is one that values vision, leadership skills, and a strong sense of community. These characteristics are heavily weighted in the selection process and will be assessed both at the face-to-face interview and the in the essay.

Students often ask when it is the best time to apply to Nixor College. Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, answer that question.

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Best time to apply

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