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Research has shown that it is not only intelligence but also consistent effort that is a marker for success in life.  Nixor’s no tuition policy encourages students to increasingly take greater responsibility for their own learning.  While it is the College’s mandate to provide qualified and talented teaching resources, students are persuaded to invest hard work and perseverance to achieve their academic goals. In addition to access to the best teaching resources, students at Nixor College can also get help as required from TAs.


Teaching Assistants (TAs) are selected from student body, with preference given to students on an academic scholarship, to provide learning support to their peers.  TAs are selected by the teachers based on strong aptitude for a subject as well as the skills required to help their peers understand the subject matter. The peer-to-peer tutoring program bridges any gaps in students’ knowledge.

TAs are required to teach up to 10 hours/week for a stipend of Rs. 100/hour. They are available for all subjects from Monday to Friday between 08:00 am and 03:00 pm.​ Students are encouraged to utilize the TA’s to strengthen their understanding of the subject matter, and utilization of the TA’s is a strong indicator for student initiative for self-study and effort. Students who have demonstrated a weak understanding of content knowledge may be assigned mandatory hours with a TA by their teacher.



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