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How the Government works

Initiatives championed by Student Government are led by sub-committees that comprise of A2 students who work with A1 students that are part of Nixor Government’s assistant body, the Group of Concerned Citizens. Updates are provided by each sub-committee at weekly meetings. Weekly meetings are held to discuss new developments, resolve any issues and plan upcoming activities. Attendance is mandatory, as the timings are specially formulated according to the availability of members. The Dean attends periodic meetings to oversee work and advise wherever it is needed.


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Student Perspective

Student Government

The Student Government comprises of a group of individuals working to lead the Nixor Community by example. Inducted via an extensive process which assesses them on the basis of the exertion of positive influence, the ability to take initiative and the will to take ownership of their work, Student Government members are pivotal in forming a link between the student body and the administration because they are the voice of the students and the representation of their values and opinions.


One of the main tasks of the government is to guide students in the pursuit of excellence, a quest which Nixor College has embarked upon ever since its creation. It is the responsibility of this group of individuals to identify any area of concern at Nixor and work effectively to find solutions for these concerns. Furthermore an essential element required as a key trait of a government member's personality is the fact that his or her ethics must be unquestionable so that the rest of the student body can follow in his or her footsteps, allowing itself to always do the right thing.


Nixor Student Government functions in the same way as governments of countries do. Members are not only restricted to ensure that the community is disciplined and embodies the core values upon which the foundations of Nixor College are based, they are also required to be thoroughly involved in all fields of work which leave an impact on the school.


Nixor Student Government requires both hard work and perseverance from its members. It gives students the experience of being involved in situations which require critical decision making and gives them insight about handling different challenges and concerns, both of which lead to personal growth.

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Finance Subcommitte:

The finance department of Nixor Student Government not only includes keeping a track of financial transactions but also functions as the department that manages financial risks, takes financial decisions, improvise the means of earning, evaluate financial aid students, work out ways during financial crisis, sponsor welfare projects and figure out ways to financially facilitate corporate. Being the backbone of this group this committee's involvement in every activity is necessary for efficient and economical usage of resources available.


Honor Code Subcommitte:

The honor code subcommittee has been formed to ensure that there are no academic malpractices by ensuring that academic disciplinary approach is understood and followed. At Nixor, we believe in earning one's reward fair and square and acts such as plagiarism and cheating are not tolerated. The responsibility of this subcommittee therefore is to guide the student body in understanding the value of performing well in class and beyond on the basis of their own hard work and honesty. This subcommittee takes decisive action if ever a case of academic malpractice occurs and works closely with the administration to think of innovative ideas to help spread the message defining the campaign that this institution has undertaken to inculcate morality and honesty amongst its students.


Maintenance Subcommittee:

The maintenance subcommitte of Nixor Government ensures that all the infrastructure of the school building are maintained and operate authentically. Our job is not limited to the school building only, it also involves exceuting innovative ideas given by the students in the school campus that increases or add values to the school environment. It works to maintain the communication between students on how to make an ambiance of studies for students better. Also, this subcommittee deals with maintaining the information provided to students through media, like the website.


Retail Subcommittee:

Nixor Government Retail is a very diverse subcommittee of Nixor Student Government. Its aim is to provide all retail solutions to the personnel associated to Nixor, however its vision is to establish the brand of Nixor Shark to be well known for its quality, affordability and most importantly creativity by launching products based on user demand. Furthermore, Retail also helps the Student Government to raise finance for the community welfare projects that operate under the GCC & the Financial Aid sub-committee of the Nixor Student Government.


Group of Concerned Citizens (GCC):

The task of the Group of Concerned Citizens (GCC) falls, systematically, under two broad categories:


The first is school culture. The culture aspect of our task is to inculcate Nixor’s vision and core values in each and every individual of the Nixor community. We work towards empowering students by providing them with opportunities to voice their opinions and implement new ideas. We reach out to the student body to find ways to address any or all issues relating to the student body. We work towards inspiring and inspiring to inspire individuals as it is an important aspect of the Nixor culture.


The second is welfare. The welfare aspect has to do with the welfare of the Nixor community and the community at large. Through welfare projects we reach out to those in need and empower students making them realize that they can make a difference. We believe in giving back to the community and feel that it is our responsibility to work towards the welfare of society.


Cafe Subcommittee:

The cafe subcommittee as part of the Nixor Student Government is in charge of the maintenance and functioning of both Main and Nixor College Foundation Program Campuses. It is the responsibility of this subcommittee to ensure that both the cafes are working smoothly and the customers, comprised largely of the student body are happy, by keeping in check the quantity as well as the quality of food that is sold on a daily basis. Furthermore it is also a task for the cafe subcommittee to come up with innovative new projects for the cafeteria, which include the implementation of plans like the introduction of new food items in the cafe menus to help generate funds. A large portion of these funds is then allocated for several important initiatives at Nixor College e.g. designing budgets to finance the education of those students who are on need based scholarships at Nixor.


NCFP Subcommittee:
The aim of this subcommittee is to bridge the gap between the two campuses (NCFP and Main) so students understand that, quintessentially, the differences between both the campuses are minimal and the initial purpose of having two campuses was to cater to different educational needs and requirements.

As of right now, we are in the process of increasing general morale on the NCFP Campus by making changes to the Campus upon the requests of students (i.e.adding  more facilities to the Student Union, painting walls and the like).

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