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Muhammad Ali (Maam Bhai)


Table Tennis

Samuel Masih






Muhammad Ali



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Ali Raza

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All Nixor College students are encouraged to participate in sports either at a recreational level or at a competitive level.  At the recreational level the requirements for participation are minimal and the emphasis is exclusively on fun. If the student chooses to engage in sports at a competitive level, i.e, become part of the school team, the  approach of Nixor College is similar to the one used for academics – discipline and the pursuit of excellence is a requirement.



Points to keep in mind about Nixor’s athletics are:


  • Each sport is taught by a specialized and often nationally recognized coach.

  • There is a clearly communicated expectation to excel in form, technique, teamwork and physical fitness.

  •  All school team athletes are required to attend at least 90% of scheduled practices in their sport of choice to maintain their place on the team.  

  • Clear evidence of commitment to academic excellence is required before an athlete is permitted to be a member of a school team.



While some sports (eg, table tennis, throwball and basketball) can be practiced on campus, others like cricket and football are conducted on partially on leased facilities near the Nixor College campus.

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Student Perspective

Watch Mobeen Warraich, member of the basketball team, talk about the sports program at Nixor College.

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Sports Offered

Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Badminton (Boys and Girls)

Cricket (Boys)

Football (Boys and Girls)

Futsal (Boys and Girls)

Kickboxing (Boys and Girls)

Snooker (Boys and Girls)

Table Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Throwball (Girls)

Rowing (Boys and Girls)

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