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Fast Facts (Class of 2015)


Students with 7 or more A*s/As




Students with 3 - 6 A*s/As




Students with 2 or fewer A*s/As




Average class size



Unique Features

The Nixor administration feels that a strong educational institution is one that appreciates the individualized needs and contexts of its students. Nixor College incorporates this philosophy in its academic policies. Elements of the academic program are highlighted below:

Teacher Preference

Students applying to Nixor College have the option of listing a preferred teacher for each subject. The student’s preference is accommodated based on availability of space in class. Students applying early can benefit from this by selecting teachers they have studied from or are familiar with.

No Prerequisite (NP) Courses

These are courses that do not require an O level prerequisite. These are designed specifically for students who have not studied these subjects at O Levels. NP classes are offered in Accounts, Economics and Mathematics.


These classes start off with an introduction to O Level concepts to get students up to speed with content knowledge required for A Levels. NP courses offer O Level students with the flexibility to change their field of study at A Levels. They are an ideal option in cases where O Level subject choices do not match the student’s interests and or academic strength.

Accelerated Courses

Accelerated subjects combine the AS & A2 syllabus into one accelerated course taught to students over a single academic year. These courses are offered to facilitate students who opt for a career switch at the end of the first academic year and/or for students who want to take an additional course to make their University applications more compelling.  Accelerated Courses are offered in Business Studies, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology and Urdu.

Subject Selection

Subject selection is not restricted by subject clusters. Students at Nixor College have the flexibility of selecting any mix of A Level subjects, provided there are no scheduling constraints. The minimum subject requirement is 3 A Level subjects. Students can take as many subjects as they wish to take. 

Learning Support

Nixor’s no tuition policy encourages students to increasingly take greater responsibility for their own learning. In addition to access to the best teaching resources, students at Nixor College can also get help as required from TAs.


​TAs are selected from student body to provide learning support to their peers.  TAs are selected by the teachers based on strong aptitude for a subject as well as the skills required to help their peers understand the subject matter. The peer-to-peer tutoring program bridges any gaps in students’ knowledge. TAs are available for all subjects from Monday - Friday between 08:00 am and 03:00 pm.

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TA Program

The TA program at Nixor has over 300 TAs providing over 3000 hours of learning support per week. Watch the video to get an inside look at the TA program at Nixor College.

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Academics at Nixor

At Nixor, academics have to be at the top of every student's priority list. Watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, talk about the academic program at Nixor College.

Say NO to tuitions

Watch the Director of Academics, Nasir Ghani, share his perspective on tuitions as a teacher and as a parent. 

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