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Fast Facts (Class of 2015)


Students with 7 or more A*s/As




Students with 3 - 6 A*s/As




Students with 2 or fewer A*s/As




Average class size



Academic Counseling

Regular and consistent attendance, participation and effort are stressed throughout the academic year. The Academic counselors at Nixor monitor student participation and performance, advise on appropriate subject choices, and provide support to students to improve academic performance.


Academic counselors provide guidance and support to students for the following:


  • Make appropriate course selection according to aptitude, pre-requisites, and career aspirationso Meet expected standards of class attendance and participation 

  • Maintain academic discipline 

  • Identify teaching assistants as appropriate 

  • Facilitate communication with the teachers

  • Counsel students to balance academic commitment with  ECA involvement 

  • Identify students achieving academic excellence (GPA 4.0) for the Dean’s List 

  • Provide feedback to parents on academic progress

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Grading at Nixor College adheres to the CIE marking guidelines – both in terms of syllabus content as well as the letter grade allocated to each student based on overall performance.  AS results for each subject form the parameters around which letter grades are allotted to each student. Teachers mark the assignments and assign a percentage to the student.  The students of each teacher are then ranked, percentage-wise, and assigned a letter grade e.g. A*, A, B, C in line with the previous year’s Nixor College AS results for the subject.

A comprehensive summary of the students’ on-campus activities is reported to parents at the end of each semester. This assessment report consists of the semester transcript, academic performance  matrix and an extra-curricular activity report. The purpose of this detailed report is to inform parents of the student’s activities on campus and draw their attention to the students’ data contained in the school’s records. This data is fed into the university application process and generates the content for the recommendation that Nixor writes for the student. 

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Assessment Reports

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