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Fast Facts (Class of 2016)


 Number of applications received



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Offer Rate




While grades are a significant factor determining whether a student is a good fit at Nixor College, they are not the only criteria that matter. Along with being a unique A level institution, the Nixor Community is one that values vision, leadership skills, and a strong sense of community. These characteristics are heavily weighted in the selection process and will be assessed both at the face-to-face interview and the in the essay.

Early Decision Round

The early decision application process commences on October 10, 2018. 

Who Should Apply?

  • Academically strong candidates

  • Those who are confident about Nixor College as their first choice of A Level school

  • Candidates who have strong preferences for particular teachers due to prior experience or familiarity

Regular Decision Round

The regular decision application process begins after the announcement of O level results in August.

Who Should Apply?

  • Candidates whose likelihood of admission hinges on O Level grades

  • Candidates who are more flexible about teacher selection and scheduling

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Best time to apply

Students often ask when it is the best time to apply to Nixor College. Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, answer that question.

Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, comment on how to prepare for an interview.

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Interview tips

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