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Advice To Prospective Parents

Message from the Dean to Prospective Parents

October 1, 2014

As a family, selecting the right A Level institution for your son or daughter is a decision that will have implications beyond the two years of the A Level program.   Students at this age are transitioning from having most decisions made for them to making most decisions themselves.   How far you are along this spectrum will vary from family to family.  Personally, the only thing I would discourage is being at either end of that spectrum.


​Ultimately the right A Level school is about finding the perfect fit between your objectives and expectations as a family and the program and approach of the A Level school.  Elements like the institution’s culture, norms and core values should be the foundation of the decision making process.  The strength of the program, the ability to create opportunities, provide resources and guidance as well as the financial implications would also figure significantly in the decision making process. ​Speaking as a parent, there are many questions that I would want answers to before making this decision.  “……because all my friends are going there”, is a response I would deem unsatisfactory.


​While the student would (and should) do much of this research, the guidance provided by your questions and the maturity of an adult’s thought process will be of benefit to your teenager.  But you don’t have to rely solely on their data.  Resources available to you as parents are numerous.  The links on this website should provide answers to many of your questions.  While answers to questions like, what is the policy on tuitions or on offering financial assistance can easily be gathered from the website, some questions are more about opinions.  For example, how conservative is the Nixor culture? How is discipline enforced? Does Nixor strictly enforce its policies? The answers to these questions would best come from talking to those, students or parents, teachers or administrators who have been immersed in this program, rather than on rumor and hearsay.

As a starting point, a one-page factsheet and a more detailed brochure can be downloaded from the website.  To address your questions about Nixor’s A Level program directly to me, you are welcome to attend the Prospective Parents Orientation seminar scheduled for January, 2015.  Please contact us at 0300 0778804 to RSVP.  During this seminar, we will discuss the academic program and achievement, university placement, extracurricular activities, the Nixor community culture and norms, discipline, ways parents can stay informed, financial awards, and salient policies.  We will reserve plenty of time for the question and answer session.

I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming weeks and months and wish the best in finding the right program for your son or daughter.


Nadeem Ghani

Dean – Nixor College

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Best time to apply

Interview tips

What is Nixor looking for?

Students often ask when it is the best time to apply to Nixor College. Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, answer that question.

While grades are a significant factor determining whether a student is a good fit at Nixor College, they are not the only criteria that matter. Along with being a unique A level institution, the Nixor Community is one that values vision, leadership skills, and a strong sense of community. These characteristics are heavily weighted in the selection process and will be assessed both at the face-to-face interview and the in the essay.

Click on the video to watch the Dean, Nadeem Ghani, comment on how to prepare for an interview.

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