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University Placement

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College Counseling

What We Do

From experience, both personal and professional, the university selection and application process can be daunting.  During this time students need a great deal of guidance from family, friends, and ultimately from their school.  The Nixor Office of College Counseling is a support system to make this process as efficient and effective as possible.  NOCC’s team of counselors is knowledgeable and well-informed about universities both local and international.  We are here to guide students and parents every step of the way from selection to submission.


As a student begins the process of selecting universities, it is imperative that they receive the best guidance in planning, organizing, and completing the application process. NOCC is one of the most important functions of the school as it helps students at this crucial time of transition.  In addition to our team of experienced counselors, NOCC draws from the strength of the Nixor faculty who continually serve in an advisory capacity.  NOCC assesses both the student’s academic and financial capabilities to guide them in making just the right choices for their university careers.



The NOCC office operates year-round to aid students in:

  • Making university selections

  • Completing application forms

  • Writing college essays and personal statements

  • Registering for appropriate test dates for college entrance exams and aptitude tests

  • Determining financial parameters

  • Identifying appropriate internships and professional development programs.


In addition, NOCC counselors write detailed recommendations for each applicant and facilitate teacher recommendations.  Counselors, administration and faculty actively network in the UK, US, and Pakistan to explain the unique and differentiated Nixor College experience.


While NOCC is readily available to all students, the students themselves should take a proactive approach in the university selection and application process.  It is essential that students make the effort to meet with their college counselors on a regular basis and attend NOCC workshops to ensure success in the application experience.  The NOCC team is looking forward to another exciting and successful year!

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Myth Of Brand

The name of the A Level institution has no bearing on the candidate’s chances of getting admission or financial aid to universities in the US. What matters is the candidate’s accomplishments, both academic and extracurricular and their ability to convey that in their application.There is plenty of research to support this claim. Universities confirm that as long as the A level school offers a globally recognized curriculum like the CIE, the years of existence of the institution make no difference – the brand of the institution makes no difference. One of the officers went so far as to say, “Whether the school is 1 month old or 100 years old – it does not matter”. At Harvard, for instance, home schooled students (i.e. private candidates) are not at a disadvantage relative to those who attended a prestigious private high school. A Level candidates are encouraged to do the due diligence and directly contact their universities of interest. Ask them about the factors that are considered in the assessment of applications to their university. You have an obligation to yourself and to your parents to be a well informed consumer.

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