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O Levels: Foundation Public School 

(4A*s 6As)

Prior to my admission at Nixor College, I used to wonder about those qualities that set Nixor students apart. Whenever I would meet any student from Nixor, I would feel that they have so much to share and talk about. My interactions with Nixor College students always proved to be fruitful, as I felt that with every conversation I would be learning many new things.

Nixor is not only an educational institute but also an entity that combines education with the training for essential qualities to be successful in any arena of life. It is a community that welcomes you and teaches you ownership, accountability and the importance of discipline. It is here that I have learned humility, compassion and the ability to actually live by values rather than just talk about them.

I have met teachers who have inspired me with their unswerving passion for the subjects that they teach, seniors who have acted as mentors and friends that are likely to last me a lifetime.

“One could not count the moon that shimmers on her roof. Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.” Before Nixor, I was not fully aware of my own potential or of the milestones that I am capable of achieving; I was always limited by my own apprehension and underlying fears. However, Nixor has truly been a developmental experience for me as it has familiarized me with a world full of opportunities. It has taught me how to overcome hurdles and counter challenges, even under pressure, so I can always be the best that I can be.

Moreover, it is the culture that has been inculcated by the charismatic leader and the man with the ideology, Sir Nadeem Ghani, Dean of Nixor College, which has continued to further inspire me. Be it due to the magnetism of his character or his problem solving approach, I always know who to look up to when dealing with challenges.

Nixor has transformed me from a student to a person who has the ability to be out in any profession and manage the multiple aspects of life successfully. This is just the beginning and I am glad to know that there is still so much more left for me to learn! 

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