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O Levels: The City School (2A*s 6As)

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Nixor has taught me the actual meaning of these words. Before coming to Nixor I would keep whining over how we, as a community, lack this, this, and that. But now things have changed immensely. Now I DO what I think lacks in this community. Nixor has taught me to ‘do the right thing for the right reasons’. Nixor has brought back empathy and passion in me. It has taught me what it actually means – to strain, to struggle, and to strive.

Never in my life have I fallen for a place, but Nixor changed that part in my life too. Yes, Nixor has changed a lot of other things too. Be it habits, ethics, and what not.

Yes, it takes time to understand this community, but when you do it is hard to back off and stop loving this place. It has hardly been 3 months and the thought of completing my A’ levels and leaving Nixor for further studies scares me. Why? Since I have become accustomed to this place, it means more than an institution to me. I am certainly part of Nixor, but most importantly Nixor is part of me. It lives within me. Nixor, amongst all, is my home. <3

Home is the place where you can be yourself, where you groom, where you are welcomed and most importantly you feel safe. Nixor is a culture in itself – for it has taught me that age shouldn’t stop me from doing anything. Nowhere will you find people as young as 17-19 years so dedicated and passionate in bringing about a change in the community. Nixor has always stood by its vision and aims, i.e., Unquestionable Ethics, Unconditional Respect, Courage in Action, Pursuit of Academic Excellence. We need more Nixors in this country.


What I owe Nixor is lot more than I can ever imagine giving back. I am proud to be a part of Nixor. Hence I can say IAmAShark.


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