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O Levels: Mama Parsi School (5A*s 4As)

Nixor College to me defines an unparalleled road to self discovery and personal growth. Having spent four months in the institution, it should have been easy for me to write a testimonial for Nixor. But the truth is that I am in search of words to describe my experience here. Typing sentences and deleting them and typing them yet again for the journey that I embarked upon after being integrated as a member of the Nixor Community, is truly too special to put into words.


Perhaps the best way to describe Nixor would be to say that it is not just a college. It is instead, an entirely different dimension. It welcomed me with open arms and taught me the power of community, the value of hard work and the importance of discipline. It is a culture that I am and always will be a proud member of, regardless of what waits for me in the future.


At Nixor I have met teachers who have become an inspiration, made friends who have become family, worked under an administration that has helped me out countless times and progressed under a Dean who has become a role model.


Whether it is giving back to the world through charity or pulling out all the stops to make an event happen. Whether it is coming together to support our sports teams or cleaning up the campus with our own hands. Striving to do our best in classes and working alongside our domestic staff, the vision and mission of Nixor College i.e.  ‘Unquestionable Ethics, Unconditional Respect, Courage in Action and Pursuit of Academic Excellence’ remains highlighted in all that we as a community do.


Nixor College is a place where milestones are achieved. It contains all the elements that are required to polish students and make them live up to their true potential and I believe thatmy love and pride for the Nixor Community is the one thing that will always be a constant amidst all the changes that I may face in life.


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