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O Levels: Beaconhouse School System 

(8A*s 1A)

At Nixor, every situation experienced, every opportunity cherished, every moment lived to the fullest extent has taught me a simple lesson: I am not here so that I can be trained to be better than others, but so that every day, the only person I am trying to be better than is the person I was the day before. In embarking daily on a quest for self-actualization, education, for me, has been redefined. I now understand that a good character is the basic result of a good education, and should always be the basis of your individuality.


In these months spent at Nixor, I have witnessed the fruitful efforts of this institution to revolutionize the educational system of our country, so that our youth understands that our worth is not judged by our academic perfection, and that all efforts and talents are appreciable. The world is in dire need of well-rounded individuals who can accept who they are, and where they belong, thus enabling them to take on the world unburdened by societal limitations.


Nixor has instilled in me a drive to do more, to be more. It has given me the ability to strive for greatness. To allow my experiences and the people around me to inspire, invigorate and enlighten me. To stand by my values, and to do all in my power to sustain them. And most importantly, to be grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to realize all this. 


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