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O Levels: The City School (8A*s 2As)

If there was a movie called “How to succeed”, for me Nixor would be its trailer. Nixor is a simulation of what waits for you in life ahead.  Nixor is not just about getting good grades, just like life is not just about making the highest amount of money. Nixor is about discovering your potential, reaching your limits and doing everything that is right.

Just like in real life, here at Nixor you would come across challenges and failures, but here you know you only fall to learn to pick yourself back up. Nixor is no place where the clothes you wear or the car you come to school in defines you, but regardless of your status you earn your rightful place because of what you do.  Experiences at Nixor expose you to the harsh realities and complexity of life and thus prepare you for what life has in store for you. The values at Nixor create a strong bond, holding each and everyone together and it is this connection which serves as a constant motivation and a driving force towards what you aim to achieve. And it is this very connection, which makes sure you are on the right track.

It is indeed incredible, and would seem rather magical to a spectator how this building at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz  brings about this transformation, but in reality Nixor is not that building; Nixor is the belief we have in each other, Nixor is the support we give to each other, Nixor is the core values we uphold, Nixor  is the influence we have on others, Nixor is the respect we give to others, Nixor is the force that makes us stretch our limits, Nixor is the sense that makes us always do the right thing.Nixor is our family, our home and indeed somewhere we belong.

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