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O Levels: Mama Parsi School (6A*s 3As)

Four months ago, unconditional respect and unquestionable ethics were things long forgotten. Four months ago, pursuit of excellence was a phrase found only in books. Four months ago, I believed that ‘doing the right thing over the nice thing’ was nothing but a myth. Four months ago, education to me was rote learning and getting an A on an exam. Four months ago, I was not a part of Nixor College.


Nixor, in a short span of time, has changed me. It has made me realize that a wholesome education is not one that is confined to a class room but one which makes students capable of facing the many challenges that life puts forth. It has taught me to give back to the community; to come out of the bubble that I had created around me for the past 16 years. It has taught me to help the unfortunate, to share pain, love, suffering and joy and that even the smallest of actions can make a difference. Nixor has taught me how to act, how to react and how to think.


It has also taught me the importance of living in a community. Be it the inspirational teachers in class, or singing nursery rhymes with the orphans, or witnessing the joy on a child’s face when he eats his first McDonalds’ meal, or cleaning up the campus with our own hands, Nixor College has broadened my horizons. It has taught me lessons that have led to personal growth. Lessons that have helped me transform as a human being. Lessons that I will remember forever.


Nixor College is not just a college, it’s a movement. A movement that instills in students the spirit of doing the right thing over the nice thing. It turns its students from nestlings into birds, from caterpillars to butterflies and helps them take their first flight. It teaches them to fly and conquer the skies.


And I can safely say that choosing Nixor was one of the best decisions of my life.


Once a shark, always a shark!

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