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O Levels: Private Candidate (2A*s 5As)

For me coming to Nixor was like stepping into a whole new dimension, because Nixor is a world in itself. A world where you step in, not knowing about what is in store for you and unknowingly fit in within a span of mere hours get whirled up in the air of familiarization. Every minute, every hour, every day spent at Nixor makes you grow and learn, you experience this amount of unimaginable personal growth and become a better person everyday. A better person who benefits himself as well as the wider community.


The Nixor community has a connection and force so strong that it definitely feels like home. Never would have I imagined wanting to go to an educational institution, this badly everyday. I come to Nixor not because I have to but because I want to, since Nixor’s not a mere educational institution it’s scope is far beyond that of any educational institution. It encompasses everything from teaching perseverance to respect, love to sacrifice, dedication to courage and humility to dignity. It is thus indeed a privilege to be a shark.


For what has been three months feels like eternity. As my mind plays a flashback of my time spent here my face illuminates with a huge smile, and this smile would become brighter as time flies by and memories pile up. Nixor is a platform, and what is unique about this platform is that it is not confined to a certain portion of society, but everyone can use it’s widely spread resources to pursue their interests and excel to unimaginable levels with no restriction of thought.


Nixor’s core values aren’t merely nicely crafted, decent sounding words but they are indeed the essentials imprinted on our hearts, making us the people we are. Nixor for me is indeed a new way of life that I am beginning to fall in greater depths of love every passing day.

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