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O Levels: BVS Parsi High School (4A*s 6As)

‘Nixor is to me what an ocean is to a shark’.

The above statement pretty much defines what Nixor means to me, and how big of a role it plays in my life. It opens an ocean of endless opportunities and experiences that no other place can offer. Starting from the Prospective Students Orientation (PSO) when I first stepped into Nixor, to this date, each day has brought memories and learning that can’t be expressed in words. LITERALLY. 


The learning, both inside and outside the classroom, has transformed me into someone who didn’t exist on this planet a few months ago. It has made me a better human being, who doesn’t only think of himself, but about the betterment of the whole community. The Core Values of Nixor are not just rules to follow, they are a whole set of guidelines for me. ‘Unquestionable Ethics’ by portraying a behavior that is consistent with the norms of this country, ‘Unconditional Respect’ by giving utmost respect to everyone, whether it be Sir Nadeem Ghani, my peers, or anyone from the housekeeping staff, ‘Courage in Actions’ by doing wholeheartedly the stuff that is right and by having faith in myself, and ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ by striving to do the best and to fulfill the expectations Nixor has from me.


My journey up till now has been amazing and I hope it keeps getting better. From being under the guidance of the most inspiring person I’ve ever met, Sir Nadeem, to being taught by the best teachers ever, to being a Teacher’s Assistant and getting my first ever pay-check, to helping thousands of patients by organizing a charity carnival, to being a part of a Corporate program that transforms our learning into having practical experiences of how things actually work, to working all day long and making our very own rafts and sailing them as a part of outside the classroom learning, to being a Marketing Manager of Nixor Financial Services, and to having a chance to say I AM A SHARK.

Telling about my experience and writing all of this in a few words was indeed a hard task to do, because I could simply write a whole book on Nixor. Yes, I love Nixor THAT much. I’d like to end with this beautiful quote that sums up the teachings of Nixor, ‘Be the change you want to see in this world’ – Mahatma Gandhi.

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