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O Levels: The City School (6As 2Bs)

What is a cell? It is the basic and most simple part of an organism. Come to think of it, the whole earth is one huge cell. And we, as people are the organelles, that are the reason this cell functions, as cells organelles I think it’s pretty important to have to know how to benefit our cell. I think Nixor has taught me the importance of being a part of this cell, of being part of something more than just myself.

Initially I thought I wouldn’t fit in because everyone I knew seemed so crazy about Nixor. And I just didn’t feel it at that time; it made me feel out of place. After a week or two I started settling in, I found people I could be myself with. Moreover, I’ve started noticing things that I had never seen anywhere in my schooling life until now, it’s what makes me understand Nixor even better; it is also the reason I have started feeling so strongly attached to my institute.

Nixor is not just a school that limits learning to books or classes; it’s an all-rounded institute of education. Nixor polishes our demeanor; it teaches us morals and ethics, it teaches us to be humble, self-effacing and helpful in selfless ways. We give away a lot in helping others, but we get something too, and it’s that satisfactory feeling that you’ve done something right, the feeling that it wasn’t for yourself but for everyone. Nixor for most of us is like second home, and we sure as hell treat it like one.

I understand what it feels like, being a part of something greater than you, a whole system working immaculately in the most intrinsic ways possible. And I’ve to say it’s a pretty great sentiment that I’ll proudly carry with me for my life.

Nixor provides a platform for me to find myself, to explore my talents, my traits and train them into exactly what our society needs today- educated human beings. Needless to say, it is one of the decisions I am proud to have made.

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