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O Levels: The City School (3A*s 4As 2Bs)


3rd September 2013 - the Orientation. That is when the journey started. A journey of ups and downs, of highs and lows and of happiness and disappointment, but most importantly, a journey of fond memories, a journey of understanding and learning, a journey which taught me enough is never enough. A journey which taught me sleep is just an obstacle and the journey that taught me what it means to be a member of this Nixor Community.

Nixor taught me the difference between trying and achieving. I speak as if I have spent a whole lifetime inside these walls, but in fact, these last three months are memories that one will cherish forever. Be it the enchanting World History classes by Dr. Farooq Sheikh, or long and tiring hours of getting everything done to pull off mind-blowing events for Nixor Logistics. Whether it be spending quality time with the less-fortunate or going on charity drives to collect money for the white-collar needy. Whether it be helping your peers out  as Teachers-Assistant , or spending 8 long tiring hours per week on the football field, training to be the best, because at Nixor, good is never good enough.

No institution in Pakistan has such a large, well-organized corporate system like Nixor College, where student run entities pull off large-scale events like the House of Dreams Water Carnival. With the finest teaching staff, Nixor shows that studies are the first priority. Nixor makes waking up at 7 and rushing to school feels like a blessing. What makes Nixor special is that what you learn in the class room doesn’t stay in the class room. Where you apply Sir Naushad’s lectures to make a raft and compete in the amazing Raft Regatta. Where you use your business skills to help function Asia’s first-ever student-run credit card.

Nixor College is a school to some but a home to many. I feel those who don’t believe in love at first sight have never really experienced what Nixor College is all about. Nixor is about making a difference. Nixor is about unquestionable ethics, Nixor is about Courage in Action, Nixor is about pursuit of Excellence, Nixor is about Unconditional respect, and most important of all Nixor is about DOING THE RIGHT THING!!

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