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O Levels: Mama Parsi School (7A*s 1A)

Unquestionable ethics, Unconditional respect, Courage in Action and Pursuit of Excellence.

As I looked at my ID card after signing the admission documents, these words were what I saw, and which provided me with a mere glimpse of what lay ahead. However, seven months later, it's quite safe to say they have proven to be words of pure wisdom and experience, and reveal what Nixor actually is; a guide to success. At Nixor, we are taught to study hard, take up community service, help our society benefit, indulge in self-development, and form new ideas to help and motivate others, all for the right reasons. There is no other environment which strives to create selfless leaders one after the other, who would not hesitate for even a moment before helping those in need. Sir Nadeem once told us "Life is Nixor is similar to drinking water from a gushing fire hose."


The challenges may be tough, but will surely benefit us in the end and make us what we are destined to be: The leaders of tomorrow.

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